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Chewing Gum!? January 31, 2006

Posted by invisalign in General.

I was just chewing a stick of gum when I realized that only certain teeth felt “sore” (not really sore, but I cannot think of a word that really describes it) when I bit down on the gum. Without biting down my teeth feel normal, as in I cannot feel them, then when I bit down I could feel a few of the individual teeth (molars). I wonder if the teeth that I am feeling are the ones that the aligners are currently moving…but it seems like they would all move at the same time?? Interesting…very interesting!! πŸ™‚ Maybe someone knows something about this?! πŸ˜‰



1. Eric - January 31, 2006


I just wanted to say thanks for hosting this blog to share your experiences. I just started Invisalign yesterday, and it’s nice to read things like this to know what to expect. In a way, it makes me feel like I’m not going through this alone.

I’m 31 years old and never had braces as a kid. I’ve got crowding on the uppers and lowers and a very narrow bite. My ortho prescribed 24 upper trays (about a year) and 35 lower trays (about 18 months).

I put my first tray in last night and didn’t seem to have any trouble sleeping. But my teeth were definitely sore when brushing this morning and when eating lunch. I also noticed when eating that certain teeth “hurt” more than others. Like you said, I would imagine that this is due to the fact that those are the main focus of force for this particular aligner.

One question for you: how long did it take for you not to notice you had the aligners in your mouth? My speech is pretty good, but I definitely feel the aligners in my mouth. I’m still dealing with the initial pressure of my first set which I think will subside, but it’s not that bad. My concern is that the aligners feel very foreign to me still, almost like I’m wearing a boxing mouth guard. This being my first full day with the aligners in, I find I’m noticing them every second of the day.

Thanks again for the great site!

2. invisalign - February 1, 2006


It has actually been fun recording all of the invisalign stuff online! When I was looking at getting invisalign I couldn’t find anything online related to invisalign that was not written by a dentist/ortho so I decided to start my own blog that way other people who were looking at them could know more about invisalign that I did going in.

I never had braces when I was younger either, my dad had them when he was a child and said they were painful so I never really wanted them. I have 24 upper and 24 lower trays. I was told it would be about 11 months total; which is a lot better than the 2.5 – 3 year estimate with traditional braces. Now that I am older I also wanted something that would not be distracting people to my mouth!

I would say it took me about 3 or 4 days until I could not tell they were in my mouth at all. I did not have any problems with speech either…I was actually really surprised how thin and durable the plastic is. It took me a while longer, as in a week or so, not subconsciously think about them (and try and lift the edges with my tongue all the time) and then realize they were in my mouth again! Even now as I am typing this I cannot tell they are there. Once you get back into your regular routine and figure out the brushing after meals and everything it just seems like second nature. I felt the same way at first about having a mouth guard in!!

Let me know if you have any other questions you think I could answer. If you have not checked out the InvisalignUsers group on Yahoo! Health or the ArchWired.com invisalign Message Board yet you should if you have some free time; they have lots of good information there (the links should be in the right sidebar).

Have fun with your first set of aligners (& thanks for the comment)!! πŸ™‚

3. Eric - February 1, 2006

Thanks again. I do have a couple questions if you don’t mind.

1. How often (and how) do you clean your aligners? I’m only on day 2 so I’ve just been brushing them with a toothbrush and cold water every time I take them out. The manual said to use tooth paste occasionally.

2. Have you had any issues with sore/blistered gums, lips, or tongue? I’ve read about some people using a nail file to file down rough spots or burrs that were irritating their mouths. I don’t seem to have this problem with my first aligner though.

3. Do you drink anything besides water with your aligners in? I’m planning on only drinking water 99.9% of the time. But it would be nice to be able to drink some beers during the Super Bowl, for example, without having to take them out for the game.

Thanks again for all the info. I’ll certainly be checking in to see your updates. And I’ll probably share some of my own progress from time to time if you don’t mind.


4. invisalign - February 1, 2006


I clean my aligners every time I take them out before I put them back in my mouth. I also just use a toothbrush and cold water and give them a quick brush on the inside and out…if you do not get in the cracks on the outside you can get some buildup in the cracks and crevices!! I brush them with toothpaste every 5 days or so.

I guess we are both lucky with not having problems with sore/blistered gums and lips. I talk A LOT and the first couple days the tip of my tongue was a little bit raw…to the point I avoided talking. πŸ™‚ My dentist said that was normal and I would get use the plastic (he attributed it to where I place my tongue when I speak). I have never shaved down any of my aligners because I have never really had any “trouble spots;” and if I did I think I would be scared I would damage the aligners.

I have been very good about only drinking water with the aligners in. I am not a big soda person so it was not that big of deal. I have coworkers that seem to have a soda with every meal and then some in between. I did try and drink ice tea with them in once and the tea got under the aligners on top and made my teeth look…ugh…darker! 😦 My dentist made a big deal about not drinking anything but water when they are in because sugars and other stuff can get trapped under the aligners next to your teeth and cause cavities pretty easy…I personally would not think it would be that big of a deal if you brushed pretty soon afterward and did not let the beer β€œincubate” (<-dentist word!) overnight. After wearing them for about a week I have had the aligners out for 5-6 hours when I go out and not had much of a problem getting the aligners back on (or with pressure) and my new trays have always fit fine. I did take my aligners out though for about 6-7 hours during the first 3 days of my second set and I felt like I was starting all over again after I put the aligner back in (with the pressure and everything). Feel free to check in and post your progress. It would be great to hear how you are progressing. Let me know if you have any other questions (and GO SEAHAWKS)! πŸ˜‰

5. helen - January 25, 2009

hi i am seriously thinking about getting invasilign this is a great blog thank you. how have you both managed with the taking in and out of the trays to eat, i’ve read on wiki you have to take them out to drink? even water?

look forward to hearing back

6. supercool - January 26, 2009

No have to take out 4 water. what bout gum?

7. eggaBo - July 18, 2009


I’ve got my first set of aligners four hours ago, and realised I was hungry when I got home… It took me almost an hour to unhook the aligners from my teeth so that I could eat : ( Not looking forward to the ‘brushing after every eat’ part of this, but I am looking forward to the end result : )


8. Kim - July 12, 2010

Thanks for the great information. I am getting my first set of aligners on July 29.

9. Amy - December 14, 2010

I have had invisiligns on top and bottom teeth for the past year. 1 yr was estimated time but then I had to have a refinement(I can have up to 3 free refinements with my plan ). When this happens it’s because the trays are not fitting right so a new mold has to be taken of your mouth and then sent away. It takes approximately 4 weeks for your new trays to come in. In the meantime, you are suppose to where the last set you owned so your teeth don’t shift. I cheated a bit here and there because I was excited to have a sleep without them in. A year today actually! and i’m still not use to them. Every two weeks when they give me 3 new sets of trays is a pain in the ass but it’s all for the good. There’s so much pressure for the first couple days after a new set but over the 2 weeks it’s perfect.
Occasionally I’ll drink whatever i want when i don’t feel like taking them out but just rinse your mouth with trays in with warm water after instead of brushing. It’s good to brush asap though just so that sugar doesn’t corrode your teeth. I’ve often wondered if the trays fill up with the coloring of what I’m drinking but it’s never happened yet lol. I use Polident “retainer” to clean my trays. Every few days i will soak them in a cup of warm water with 1 tablet and let stand for 10 min while i eat supper or something. Then brush the inside and outside with warm water a bit to shine them up. This is interesting!!
For those of you with missing teeth and have trays (like me 😦 I ‘m missing my eyed teeth) I asked that the dentist fill in the part of the trays where teeth should be. The have a putty type material that they put in and then use an ultra violet rays to harden the material. Then when the dentist gives me my trays my top row of teeth look complete! it’s been a miracle for me. I’m able to overcome my self consciousness so that when I’m done the trays… I’ll have the rest of the work needed. The fake teeth make me look normal when i smile and it’s amazing. Ask me if you need any further on it, i’ll be happy to help you out. Thanks for reading and sharing πŸ™‚

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